Completed Missions

Lake Raiders

A group of mutants have been floating around the great lake on a cluster of boats that detached from Haven. They have been raiding lakeside settlements and attacking other ships. Deal with them.
Recommended lv 4

Completed By:

A Royal Pain

An anonymous benefactor is willing to pay handsomely for the death of a distant relative of the Dwarven monarchy. The target’s house is in a heavily populated areas, so discretion is advised.
Recommended lv 4

Completed By:

Package delivery

A noble man has requested the pickup and delivery of an important package. Retrieve this package and deliver it safely to his home in Landfall.
Recommended lv 4

Strange Aquatic Activity

Some Gillmen have been spotted in a natural cave system by a coastside village. Investigate and take care of them if nessecary.
Recommended lv 4

A Marvel of Engineering

I have discovered an incredible construction created by an ancient Kitsune architect. However, I need protection so that I can explore it safely. Please help.
Recommended lv 4

Wanted: Beach Party Hosts

We need some strong, smart people to make sure our party goes smoothly. We are concerned about a possible attack from the Gillmen, but other than that, please give it your all, and have fun with our party! Free food and drinks!
Recommend level 5

A Royal Pain 2

A price has been put on another Dwarf Noble’s head. Unfortunately, all the information available is his name, a portrait of him, and the city he resides in.
Recommended lv 5

Missing Child!

I do not relish this, but I have nowhere else to turn. While travelling the forest south of the lake, my son, Isaiah, disappeared from my sight. I spent weeks searching the forest for him, with no avail. My entire family has given up hope, but I have not. They say he was taken by the faeries. Please, I need your help!
Recommended lv 5

It’s A Secret. Tell Nobody.

Greetings, brave sellswords! My name is Malachai Blunderstone, an arcanist of great repute. I am sure you’ve heard of me. I require assistance from you strapping folk with a secret project of mine. I expect the utmost discretion, as many seek my amazing arcane formulae.
Recommended lv 6

GM – Jack

Mystery killer

Someone has be killing off members out our group, this needs to stop we can’t have our numbers dropping like this. This is an open request to everyone in our group. Find and capture or kill the one responsible for our friends’ deaths.
Recommended level 5

GM – Matt

Completed Missions

Mercenaries Faitak